How to Race

  1. The Goal of a Geo Race

    The goal is simple! Reach all the race waypoints before your fellow racers.

  2. Waypoints

    Waypoints are secrect locations that racers must find to complete the race. They are randomly assigned in various orders.

  3. Hot and Cold Meter

    Find your waypoint by using the hot cold meter to determine which direction to go.

    Hot Cold Meter
  4. Reaching a Waypoint

    When you arrive at the waypoint, a notification page will pop up. You can see the leaderboard with every racer's progress; you can also choose to either "Use a hazard" to add a new hazard to your inventory or "Shield yourself" to gain a new shield.

  5. Sending Hazards

    You also get rewarded with a hazard. Hazards are used to slow down your fellow racers.

    • Waypoint Bomb

      Waypoints Bombs: switches waypoints on the selected racer before they can complete their current one

    • Meter Bomb

      Meter Bombs: disables the selected racer’s meter for 60 seconds.

    • Map Bomb

      Map Bombs: disables the selected racer’s map for 60 seconds.

  6. Completing the Race

    Finish your race and then watch as your fellow racers finish behind you.

    Race Leaderboard

How to Create A Course

  1. Find Create a Course Form

    Navigate to the Create a Course in the app and agree to the terms of course creation.

  2. Setting a Waypoint

    Walk to your desired waypoint and make sure your location on the map matches you real location.

    Add Waypoints
  3. Set Several Waypoints

    Each course should include at least 2 Waypoints and is best when one waypoint is at least 100m from another. Repeat until you have added all desired waypoints.

  4. Name Your Course

    Give the course a name (ex. Cincinnati - Washington Park Race).

    Add Race Name
  5. Share Your Course with All Geo Racers

    Select Make Public box if you would like to share this race with others who visit

    Make Race Public
  6. Finish Course Set Up

    Hit Create Race

  7. Try Your Course

    A new race will be generated with your recently created course.